Technical Guide

Welcome to the Klimacamp 3.1! Here you can find a first overview of the technical tools used in the different formats on the camp and a few important tips to make sure that everything runs smoothly from a technical perspective. The site is still under construction and not yet complete.

If you have any questions or need support, you can reach us at, call our tech-support 004934296919741 (german landline) during the camp weekend or just write in our #techsupport chat.

We use open source software and data privacy is important to us.


In the workshop tents at the Klimacamp 3.1 there are

  • a video conference room
  • a text chat to report, vote, share files
  • an interactive whiteboard for sorting, collecting, getting creative
  • a pad for logging

How that looks like then, you can soon see here.

To make sure the workshop runs technically well, we have put together a few tips for you:

Good Internet / Wlan

A good Internet connection makes video conferencing a lot easier. Often the bad connection is due to the bad WLAN signal in your house rather than the Internet line itself. Therefore, it is best to connect directly to your router via a LAN cable. If this does not work, do not sit too far away from your WLAN router. If you are on the Internet with a mobile data connection, find a place with a stable mobile data connection and make sure you have enough data volume.
For ideal conditions you need about 3 Mbps upload and 7 Mbps download speed to our servers in Germany. You can check if this works in advance with e.g.

Computing Power

Video telephony demands a lot from your computer. It’s best to close all other programs except the browser and – depending on how fast your computer is – don’t have too many tabs open at once.


The microphone in your computer is usually of very poor quality. To improve the voice quality, it is therefore worth using a headset. It also avoids echo, the effect of everyone hearing each other twice if you are not muted.


In large groups, it is recommended to mute your own microphone (denglish: “muten”) when you are not speaking yourself. In smaller groups and if the sound quality allows it, it may be more comfortable not to turn off the microphone. In this case, the person speaking has less of a feeling of talking against a wall.

You can mute yourself by clicking on the small microphone icon at the bottom of the screen or by pressing the M button.

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The Fishbowl discussion on Friday evening will be streamed via, so that significantly more people can watch than in a video conference room. Nevertheless, you can join the discussion, just like in an offline fishbowl. To do so, you can join the text chat, which runs parallel to the Fishbowl. You will then receive a link to a jitsi room and can participate in the discussion via video chat.


The panel on Saturday evening will be streamed via, so that significantly more people can watch than in a video conference room. In a text chat you can exchange information in parallel.