What to bring

Just like an open-air camp, an online camp needs to be well prepared. We have collected a few things here to make your stay more enjoyable.


This time there won’t be a kitchen cooking for all of us, but your stomach still wants to be filled and is happy about a little refreshment in between.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, picnic for Sunday. Also for the party it’s BYOFD (Bring your own favorite drinks), popcorn for the cinema and snacks for in between.


So that we all feel well connected you need a computer, if possible with a webcam. Headphones sweeten the sound for you and headsets for everyone else. Furthermore you can find here detailed technical information.

Own ideas and your flyers

If you have something you would like to work on or discuss with others, we might find a place for it in the OpenSpace. You can also bring and display digital flyers.


If you want to do yoga, wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat, a blaket or something similar with you.


With paper, paints and pencils you can live out your creativity in the creative corner. And sometimes you just happen to need some paste, then it is good if the ingredients are available.


  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, picnic for Sunday
  • Popcorn for the cinema 🙂
  • Drinks for bar and party
  • Headphones/headset (if possible)
  • Laptop/computer, if possible with webcam
  • Digital flyers
  • Ideas for Open Space and open discussions
  • Comfortable yoga wear and mat
  • Paste
  • Paper for painting, paint/pencils